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I referred GR to my real-life friends who were serious readers and they joined because of my invitation. I'm on LT and Goodreads.

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But I don't like Amazon not more. I already changed from Kindle to the new Talino and ePup format. And so I think I'll leave Goodreads in a short Time.

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I haven't used LibraryThing in a few years. I just exported all my data from Goodreads and am waiting to import them into LT. If I was to go to a friends house to have a bookclub I wouldn't want it sponsored by a big corporation. I wouldn't want ads to buy things from them. I wouldn't want them sitting in the corner collecting the data from my book club. Why would I want that in my internet version of a bookclub? We need to hear more from Goodreads people. Clearly our interface is a problem for many of you—it would be a problem even if it were perfect; it's different.

But what else pops out at you? I've been a member of LT since and while I have always preferred the "personality" of LT, I did maintain a GoodReads account for one reason: they did the socia media thing better. The things GR does that I'd love to see from LT: The email that lets you know what your friends are currently reading, have just rated, or want to read. An app that would update currently reading, rated, and to-read on my Facebook timeline. I rarely write reviews, but I would still like to be able to let my friends and family on Facebook know what I'm reading.

Yes, they care! Other things I'd love to see LT improve: New design. Doesn't have to be major, but I think the site could benefit from a facelift. A sleeker design not necessarily "dumbed-down" Better PM interface. Something more mailbox-like. Scanner app.

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  • Love my old CueCat but in recent months I've gotten both an iPad and an iPhone, so now it's kind of unnecessary. General app. Does LT even have one currently? Finally, if I were LT, I would seriously push the whole "we're neutral! That's the very thing that so many readers want to see. We're getting tired of Amazon's takeover of the universe.

    Thanks for the post. I do like sites that remain independent of any one big company. Goodreads was a good place for that; LibraryThing is also. I enter my books using my iPad all the time. It is very simple to do. I hardly ever use my regular computer any more. And I would like an easy book search feature, without having to add the book. You say you don't have enough developers? Then let others do the work for you i. In no time there would be 10 simple Android apps, 5 never to be updated.

    Just open the APIs. Last time I checked it looked like mobile app was not possible within given limitations. Technically yes, but according to terms not: - Max 1 call per second, without possibility to chain several calls together. That's all APIs together, max once a second. For anything.

    With such a delay, nobody would want to use the app.

    Writers and Editors

    All limits are per "project" developer key, so strictly reading copies of same mobile app would be allowed to call API just once a day. Other comments: - LibraryThing website could use a refresh in both look and feel as well as layout, current one looks very technical. Especially the navigation is pretty complicated, menus and submenus pointing to pages full of menus and links. There are so many options, I don't even know if I have tried all combinations while searching for a good looking setup.

    Btw haven't found a good looking one, just gave up on searching.

    Basics of book design and production

    Are lists as high on the list as they could be? Do people search more than browse? Is front page the most common way to access the site? Nevertheless, LibraryThing is a great service, that's why I've been using it since Have to confess I did lately take a look at Goodreads because of their mobile client and social connectivity, but guess that's history now. Cheers, --jouni. I've been a happy user of both sites for years and I think I will continue. And it's fine this way, for me: I use the 2 sites differently.

    What I'm trying to say: while I see that many GR users are thinking about leaving the site now how many of them will actually do it, I don't know , it's not going to be easy for LT to "conquer" former GR users right away, because many of the things they enjoyed there are missing here.

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    • And I wouldn't want them a lot of the "social" things as far as I can tell, neither Tim , they don't suit LT very well. Just my thoughts. I think releasing data to indies is a good idea. A robust API could attract developers--providing more features without having to hire more developers--specifically mobile solutions and social integration. I initially used librarything, but now use both it and goodreads.

      My favorite feature of librarything is the "will I like it", but I like the social aspect of goodreads. I like seeing what my friends are reading, both on goodreads and on facebook.

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      The librarything facebook app doesn't seem to work all that well. I can't pretend that the partial Amazon ownership doesn't bother me. Can you talk about what if any access to data Amazon has? That said, I'd vote up the idea of a way to use my phone Android to scan books into LT. Anything that breaks down barriers to simple access will benefit LT long-term. First let me say I adore LT. However, while I really want LT to stay text-heavy I do agree some features need to be a little easier to use - it can sometimes take quite a bit of hunting to find out how to use one.

      On the other hand, I love the way LT doesn't hijack my information the way Goodreads does. Although LT is, from the user's point of view, very personalised, there's not much for here for book bloggers - is that an untapped resource?