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The new Cobra picks up on the Second Issue model, which had oversized hardwood grips, only now you get a recoil-absorbing Hogue OverMolded rubber, a one-piece grip that fills the average-sized hand and provides a better grasp. There is one other detail well worth mentioning: safety.

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The original Cobras had their firing pins on the hammer. The new model uses a transfer bar and a frame-mounted firing pin. Not as slick-looking as an old Colt, but a great deal safer to carry with all six chambers filled. The one feature that the new Cobra has hands-down over the originals is the trigger pull. Although both guns use a two-leaf mainspring, time and technology has weighed in favor of the latest model with a double-action trigger pull of just 8.

This is a very smooth trigger press with mild stacking as the cylinder rotates clockwise. Firing in double action, there is a point as you pull through where the trigger can be staged, indicated by a tactile feel in the grip accompanied by an audible click as the cylinder locks into battery. This is easy to miss, but on the s-era Cobras, the trigger pull had a clear and definite staging point when the cylinder rotated into battery.

The remainder of the pull on both guns is heavy but consistent from shot to shot with a very smooth break. Cocking the hammer on the new Cobra, however, results in a much lighter single-action trigger pull of 3. Going back in time, the s Cobra had a narrower trigger with an average double-action pull of The advantage clearly goes to the new gun. How much did you have to pull out of your s billfold to purchase a Colt Cobra? Some gun writers like to test every handgun from a benchrest or, when possible, a Ransom rest at a range of 25 yards.

Rarely will anyone carrying a snub-nose revolver find themselves in a situation where they will be shooting from a benchrest and at a prearranged distance. I have always preferred testing guns in a real-world environment, standing and firing off-hand at a reasonable distance from the target based on the gun, caliber, barrel length and practical defensive distance for that pistol. A snubbie revolver is not a target pistol—it is a combat handgun. How well it shoots from a benchrest at 25 yards is a solid indication of its inherent accuracy, but for the average person and law enforcement officer , a snub-nose revolver is a close quarters battle pistol.

However, there are pros and cons to every trade-off. That extra weight absorbs recoil. The CZ P is based on the bulletproof CZ design with a lighter weight aluminum frame, shorter barrel, and shorter grip. Its ergonomics are of legendary status. All gun makers should strive for this level of ergonomic satisfaction.

The trigger on this pistol is staggeringly good. It inches very close to a good Single Action trigger. Plus there are many other things to love on the handgun.

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It seems to dissipate recoil like a champ. Yet, it pleasantly fills your hand. However, it has a lightweight aluminum frame just as the P does. It has the same legendary ergonomics that made CZ famous for manufacturing one of the best-concealed carry guns. It has been popular for a long, long time. And for good reason. Also, you can add an extended mag that holds 14 rounds.

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It has enough heft to handle hot 9mm ammo pretty well. This latest version has a slightly shorter grip. The original has been so popular because FN built it to be an uber-reliable service pistol. Now, the Midsize version has come along with a shorter grip that still holds 15 rounds of 9mm.

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FN knows how to make military-grade weaponry. You can now carry a Concealed Carry pistol with a military-grade pedigree. The Glock 26 has been a great selling Concealed Carry gun for years now. The fifth-generation makes the G26 even sweeter.

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The Gen 5 updates include a better trigger and more accurate barrel. While the Glock 43X holds just as many rounds as the Glock 26, they approach Concealed Carry a little differently. The Glock 43X is very thin. However, the Glock 26 makes up for its thicker frame with a shorter height. The Glock 26 is one of the shortest 9mm handguns on the market. The Gen 5 revamp has ensured that the Glock 26 will stay at the top of the concealed carry market. The Glock 45 is one of the biggest guns on this list. Not everyone can conceal a pistol with a larger grip as this pistol has.

However, many people can. It mostly depends on how dedicated you are to dressing around the pistol. The Glock 45 is a Glock 17 with a shorter barrel.

So it feels like a service pistol with an easier to manage barrel length. If you want to Conceal Carry 17 rounds of 9mm in a fantastic handling Glock, the G45 is right up your alley. It can be configured to fit just about any size or shape of the hand perfectly.

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Not only does it have the swappable back strap that other pistols have started to incorporate, it has swappable side panels as well. Both styles have pros and cons. HK is very well known for its weapon building prowess. This company has legendary build quality. Almost everyone loves this pistol. Its ergonomics and trigger are universally loved. It has the swappable back straps and side panels that people enjoyed on the P Besides, it was released with another surprising ergonomic feature: charging supports.

Charging supports are small wings on the back of the slide that makes racking the slide faster and easier. You may be a little surprised to see a full-sized gun like the VP9 on a list of the best Concealed Carry guns. However, we sell concealment holsters for VP9 pistols in droves.

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Therefore, I know many people find it just fine for concealment. It has all the qualities that VP9 fans love: great trigger, ergonomics, and handling. It holds 10 rounds of 9mm. Plus, 13 and 15 round magazines are available for the VP9SK. The useful charging handles remain on the subcompact version of the VP9.

Now Concealed Carriers have a smaller option for Concealed Carry. This is the only subcompact handgun on the market that has swappable backstraps and swappable lateral grip panels. How about that for one of the best-concealed carry guns? Many people love Kahr pistols for very good reasons.