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  • Helen of Troy in the Iliad of Homer.

While older kids can read a chapter book or biography , younger children benefit from books with lots of illustrations. David Adler's book is targeted to children ages 4 to 8 and can help them better comprehend the struggles that Helen Keller went through and how she eventually triumphed to become so famous and inspirational. Parents who are looking for a complete biography of Helen Keller won't find it here, but remember, this book is for very young children who are just beginning to learn to read.

There are many other full-length, more detailed biographies available for older children. When it comes to inspirational historical figures, Helen Keller figures largely into this category.

She accomplished things that many people who can see and hear don't accomplish. Parents can feel comfortable sharing her story with the youngest children, in a kid-friendly picture book format that may be the beginning of their education about this motivating woman.

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The author's research into Mycenaean culture, coupled with Trojan War mythology's larger-than-life heroes, enliven a bold story pulsing with romance and sacrifice, omens and battles. Helen's noble Spartan parents try to defy the fates when a seer foretells the tragedy Helen and her legendary beauty will cause, but, as the myth of Helen demonstrates, destiny cannot be altered.

Helen's years of seclusion in Sparta lead to a frigid marriage to Menelaus before she connects with Paris, the Trojan prince with whom she forges an inextricable bond. Barely into her 20s, Helen escapes with Paris to Troy, but finds the Trojan royals welcome her with less than open arms. The mythic war, which, in less capable hands, might be over-romanticized, is portrayed with an enthusiasm that rings true to the period without verging on stagy—no small feat when dealing with such a sweeping conflict.

George's extraordinary storytelling abilities shine in her portrayal of Helen as both a conflicted woman who abandoned her homeland and child for true love, and as a legendary figure whose beauty and personal choices had epic consequences.

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    The last book that made you cry? The last book that made you furious? As I read them I started to become suspicious that this choice, and its consequences, were being posited as some intrinsic aspect of womanhood, and I started to get into a frightful mood about it.