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Our love runs deep for this great American city. It's a new day. The most popular choice for night photography is the use of a tripod. This allows for long exposures. And gives you the ability to play around with more cool effects. This is where night photography gets fun. Shooting on film is good fun.

For the photo below, I went into a local town in the middle of the night with some friends.

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I got one of them to drive through the scene while the rest of us captured their light trails with our cameras. When you take away the natural light, you only have to worry about manmade light.

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Try to use as much color as you can. These will merge in the reflections on the water. It can produce some very interesting effects for night time photography. Movement is an obvious choice for photos with longer exposures.

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You can easily achieve the contrast between still vs moving objects with a tripod mounted camera. You can include movement in the clouds or more definition in the stars or star trails, like in the photo below, taken on a second exposure. Do you still shoot film? As much as I like the convenience of digital.

I sill love taking out my Contax T3 for taking black and white photos. I do indeed, I would shoot on film at all times if it was feasible. Hi, how about exposure evaluation in the night? I usually use Evaluative or Spot. Where i should point the camera to get a correct exposure? I love this post. It has reminded me about the creativity that can be achieved at night.

I pressed this post into my new blog and wanted to thank you for your insight. Nice work Josh. I also like night photography but all i have now is a digital SLR. Nikon D I suspect that you always use a tri-pod or mono-pod? Have you shot any night scenes with a digital camera? The majority of these photos use a digital camera, I think only the one with dual scenes of the water at night was shot on film. Thanks, Josh. Hi, I like the night photography and your samples.

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However with a lower ISO you need a longer shutter time, and that can lead to noise if it is too long as the sensor heats up for really long exposures, so there is a trade off — and sometimes it is better to increase ISO, but the optimum quality image will usually be had at the cameras base ISO. Josh I like what you had to say on nighttime photography. I tell photographers if you have a background in film photography then you would understand about shooting the moon more.

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  6. Specially when shooting the moon with film there was a good chance that you would burn the film. The mood is constant and you have to take that into consideration when shooting nighttime photography with the moon involved. Point of the matter… Good job Josh keep it up. Your email address will not be published.

    How to create the perfect mixture for the most durable bubbles. What equipment you need and how to set them up for an effective shoot.

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    Understand sync speed and get the settings right for the desired effect. Share with friends Share. Thank you for this input! Great pics at this article. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Related Articles. Try These 10 Amazing Alternative Photography Processes Alternative process photography is a whole universe filled with interesting printing methods and techniques. Here are 10 amazing alternative photography processes for you to try. Creating a photo challenge is one of the best photography ideas to help kick you in the….

    Or tried water splash photography in the summer?