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How many children does he have? What does his wife do for a living? What is the name of their eldest child? What subject is he studying? How old is Claire? Which school does she go to? What is the name of their other child? How old is she? What hobbies does she enjoy? What does Bob do for a living? Which company does he work for?

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Does he like working there? What does he do at the weekend? What is the name of his golf club?

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At what age did he start playing? When she went outside again she saw that both the thief and the car had gone. About ten minutes later, a police car stopped outside the shop. A policewoman got out and asked Samantha some questions about the incident. She asked her to give a description of the car and the thief. She said that it had a large scratch on the right hand side. She described the man as tall with short dark hair.

She said that he was slim, looked about twenty-five years old and was wearing a blue denim jacket and black jeans. The policewoman wrote down everything in a notebook.

Negative statements

Samantha felt a little shaken but was glad to be able to help. A few days later she found out that the thief had been caught in Newcastle and that the car had been returned to its owner, undamaged.

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When did the incident happen? Where was she going? What was the man doing? What did he tell her to do? Who called the police? When did the police arrive? Did a policeman question Samantha? What colour was the car? What make of car was it? On which side was the scratch? What was the registration number?

Was the thief tall or short? What was he wearing? How did Samantha feel? When was the thief caught?

Lesson 2.3 Present Simple and Present Continuous

Where was the thief caught? What happened to the car? Was the car damaged? Last year I went on holiday to southern Spain with my best friends, Joanna and Ling. We stayed in a brilliant four-star hotel, which had three swimming pools. It was quite expensive but we really enjoyed ourselves and we all got great suntans! Ling wants us to go on an adventure holiday in Africa, the type where you have to go walking in the desert and sleep out in the open.

She said it would be interesting and better than having a lazy holiday because we would learn about the world around us and see some wild animals. For me, a holiday means relaxing on a beach, not trekking across the middle of nowhere. When is Anna going on holiday? Name her two closest friends.

True or false — last year she went to northern Spain?

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How many swimming pools did their hotel have? Was the hotel expensive? True or false — only Anna got a good suntan?


Where is Joanna going on holiday this year? Who is she going with? What type of holiday does Ling want this year? Where does she want to go? Does Anna want to go with her? Why does Ling want to go on this type of holiday? What does Anna enjoy doing on holiday? What animals does Ling hope to see? What sort of experiences does she expect to have? When does Anna have to let Ling know about the holiday?

How much would it cost each of them to go to Africa? Would it be cheaper to go to Africa or Portugal? Do you think Anna should go to Africa with Ling? Do you think Anna will go to Africa with Ling? Serena and George are on holiday in Devon, UK. After that, you can wash up, while I have a walk down to the village to get the papers. When I get back I thought we could play tennis for a couple of hours.

Lesson Present Simple and Present Continuous | Purland Training

Then you can drive me to the coast, where we can find a nice restaurant to have lunch. You should either explore the town, or go to the beach for a couple of hours. Does everything sound alright to you? Who is speaking?