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Despite being located in the middle of suburbia, the Harmon family never felt so disconnected from the rest of the world as they did in their last few weeks living in the Murder House. I confess I teased and seduced hundreds, led them to sin for my own gains. No one in Asylum was ever who they seemed to be.

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Even Briarcliff, which was meant to be a mental institute, was instead a cover for torturous human experiments, a Nazi doctor, a demon-possessed nun, a serial killer psychiatrist, a man falsely accused of murder… and a whole menagerie of other disturbing liars. For this reason, Asylum represents Fraud.

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Nothing was real, and everyone had a secret they were ashamed to confront. Treachery, the lowest circle of hell, is reserved for those who betray and cheat.


That pretty much sums up the bitchiness that was Coven , a season that saw our favourite alliances end through backstabbing every damn episode. Pitting a coven of sassy witches against each other in a competition to find the next Supreme only brought out the worst in each of them.

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Those clerks asquint of mind made no measured spending in life. Greed is characterised by a selfish desire for more than what one currently possesses.

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This is no more evident anywhere else as it was in Freak Show , where there were only two things that ever mattered to anyone: fame and money. But Elsa was also just as willing to exploit her workers, with her motive coming from a desperate desire to be recognised in the entertainment industry. Gluttony is more than just food. It is the over-indulgent hedonism that defined the lives and deaths of the inhabitants inside Hotel Cortez. So quite suitably, Hotel was full to the brim of drug-addled, sex-addicted monsters constantly thirsting for blood and their next hit of heroin.

The design, cinematography, symbolism — absolutely everything about this season committed to over-stimulation of the senses and excessively jarring imagery.

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In the warm bath of the sun they were hateful, down here in the black sludge of the river Styx do they wish they had never been born. But when it is left to fester and eat you away from the inside, it can turn into pure, unadulterated rage. The Butcher embodied Anger the most, as she lived in a ghostly afterlife dedicated to relentlessly pursuing and slaughtering those who occupied her land. Story from TV Shows.

Growing up, I would scan the horror section of Blockbuster to look for the most frightening flick available on video. These days, one does not have to peruse the shelves at the local video store for something that will have you sleeping with the lights on. The local video store is no more, and scary movies?

American Horror Story s08e08 Episode Script

Well, they're no longer the only frightening media out there. Horror is now available in spades on the small screen. Netflix has a pretty epic collection of terrifying TV shows — selections perfect for spooky sleepovers and pre-Halloween binge-fests.

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Whether you're seeking a multi-part ghost story, a creepy sci-fi series, or something from the Ryan Murphy catalog , Netflix has your greatest fears covered. Which scary series will you select? Here are a few of our favorites for hours upon hours of frights. You may not want to binge these shows alone, of course, so gather a few friends and start watching.