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One of the most haunting threads he discovered was how his great-great-great-grandmother Jenny came to Wessyngton. Michael Blow. He sold year-old Jenny and her year-old sister in to the Washingtons. It is clear in the paperwork that the girls were force-marched from Virginia to Tennessee, but the emotional detail that Baker — and other black Americans piecing together their family history — narrates is the unspeakable trauma the girls suffered being torn from their mother and family, never to meet again. This kind of graphic realization of ancestral events can, paradoxically, be inspiring.

I began to really understand how special these people were, how smart they were to deal with these things, how strong; and they lived and were enterprising. The drama lies in the ceremonial presentation and finally knowing rather than imagining a broad ancestral history. Men in Ms. Paige of African Ancestry came to present the results at the family reunion.

Even though Ms. Brown, a Washington nurse, already knew the details and had bought party favors in the colors of the flag of the African nation — and tribe — of their roots, she was still nervous about how the surprise would go over, particularly with the family matriarchs, her year-old mother and year-old aunt. When Ms. Social media is full of emotional genetic testing reveals.

One typical happy video, for example, features an earnest young black American couple, John and Sophia. They live in Ghana and are recording themselves sitting in their car — baby in the backseat — giddy to play a video reveal of their matrilineal test results sent by Ms. But another reveal on YouTube is less breathless. The way this plays out for Leroy in the video can be purely a personal disappointment, but on a collective level in the black community, Dr. What else are you going to call it? Ancestry searches can provide evidence for reparations, but also for reconciliation.

Business, trade, educational, and aid groups see the search for roots as a natural platform for turning the sins of transatlantic slavery into productive contemporary reconnection to Africa. Likewise, initiatives surrounding the th anniversary of the beginning of slavery which is dated to the arrival of settlers with slaves to Jamestown, Virginia have created a dramatic historical atmosphere for roots searches and reveals — but also for renewed ties between the continent and the diaspora.

Ghana has pioneered the promotional lead in reconnecting those who were forced to leave the continent. Ghana also has capitalized on its historic status as a major port of departure for slave ships through tourism. African Americans frequently take trips to the dungeons of forts where enslaved people were held before ships embarked to the Americas. For example, a group of three dozen NAACP leaders and members, including its president, Derrick Johnson, traveled to Jamestown and on to Ghana to reverse the journey of their ancestors and do reveals in August.

They are trying to trace the genealogical descent of slaves owned, rented, and borrowed by the Jesuit priests who came to run the school in Karmen Thomas holds one fervent vision of the transatlantic future: After receiving matrilineal tests linking her to the Mende people of Sierra Leone last year, the Charlotte, North Carolina, operations manager connected with other Mende descendants — and Mende people in Sierra Leone — on Facebook. As a result, she describes a well of longing to reconnect that, if collectively harnessed, might have a major impact in Africa.

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I want to invest in property. I want dual citizenship. I want to bank there, put money in there and bring revenue there. He takes these visitors high on a hill to the plantation slave cemetery. Already a subscriber? This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance.

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Grace and Healing are a Birthright in Christ

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Overview What do you want in life? Good health and happiness will be right up there - high, if not top of the list. But did you know that this is your birthright? Have you claimed it? Or, have you fallen for the thousands of years old deception mistakenly foisted on your forebears by sincere, holy leaders of the church? This book explains why this terrible mistake was made nearly two thousand years ago, why the church diverged from the pure teachings of Jesus and his apostles during all this time, how it is slowly but surely being rectified and how you can make your claim for your God-given entitlement.

Forfeiting their Birthright

God gave you the freedom to pursue your own unique path and it is up to you to reclaim your divine birthright to create the life you want. Although we are all connected and made from source energy we created ourselves to each be on a different life path so God could experience himself in a variety of ways. Why would God want us to all be and do the same thing? However, there is only one way for us to reach the kingdom of God and that is through ourselves!

It does not matter which man-made religion we have bought into! What matters is our desire and willingness to transcend our lower selves so we can expand our consciousness and have a direct experience and relationship with God through the activation and healing of our soul. There are a multitude of organizations that can assist you on your pathway back to God and they are the ones based on unconditional love, unity, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and peace.

However, make sure you do not give your power away to these organizations!

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They may be able to lead you in the right direction and provide comfort, but ultimately it is you who must do the inner work to connect with your God self. Any organization that does not honor the divinity within every being and is based on fear, sin, hierarchy, disempowerment, separation and judgment is not in alignment with the love and truth of God.

Set your intention to step back into your power releasing all disempowering activities, beliefs and subconscious programs that keep you from truly accessing and remembering who you truly are. No one can save you but you.

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  • YOU are the most powerful force in your life and no one can deprive you of this power unless you allow them to. Step into your power, be courageous and stop allowing other people to make decisions for you. Choose to live from the center of your being and become the director of your own life. Be true to yourself and release all people, places and things that do not empower you.

    You are a divine spark, a piece of God, and no one but you and God knows what is best for you.


    Friends, Family, Spiritual Teachers, Books, Classes etc… can be of great assistance and point you in the right direction, however, you must be very vigilant in not giving your power away to external sources. Where in your life do you give your power away? In what places do you try to control other people? Leave us a comment and let us know. In our quest to boost your personal growth, we hope to inspire and support you through our content! You can also check us out on Facebook. Stepping into Your Power, Truth and Integrity by How to Raise your Vibration Stepping into your power, truth and integrity will require a radical shift in your thinking and great strength and courage.

    Give it away, give it away now … Most of us were brought up and encouraged to give our power away. Sinners and Separation One of the most tragic ways humanity has given their power away has been through the belief that Jesus the Christ died on the cross for our sins and that we are separated from God and each other.

    Meditation, Healing and God-Self Through the inner work of meditation, the soul can invoke the healing energies of its God self to enter and activate all levels of its being transmuting the misqualified energy that is ready to be healed. The Kingdom of Heaven is a State of Consciousness The Kingdom of Heaven is a state of consciousness and it is found within a higher dimension of our own inner being.

    Trust Yourself Trust yourself and honor yourself for staying open to the expansion of your higher consciousness! Author FinerMinds Team In our quest to boost your personal growth, we hope to inspire and support you through our content! May 30,