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Sleep deprivation may have dangerous consequences, Tononi said—and those mistakes may become more common.

Types of parasomnia

For one, many people are getting fewer z's. In about 29 percent of U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Adults generally need about seven to nine hours of sleep a day, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Take National Geographic magazine's sleep quiz. Read Caption. A common laboratory rat file picture. Key parts of sleep-deprived brains may go offline, hindering decision-making. Sleep Allows Neurons to Reset?

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Boston, MA: Shambhala. Zadra A. Lucid dreaming as a treatment for recurrent nightmares. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, 66 1 , p 50 — I personally believe it to be real, or at least I perceive it as being real. I remember and have recorded many of my dreams in the last couple years over recorded , and I only feel I've been lucid in a handful of those, maybe around I wake up a minute or two after becoming aware of dreaming though.

I also haven't been able to control these dreams beyond what my actions are. I had a dream a few days ago early morning. I woke up and was up for an hour. It was already light around 7h40 am and wanted to sleep for an hour or so. In that time I had a dream, which seemed so real, it felt that I was awake.

This dream was more of a nightmare since it involved my ex girlfriend. In short what I can remember quite clearly from my dream: we were at the coast with few other people I don't recoqnize the other characters in the dream, but we were about 4 to 5 people. I was standing at the back of a parked SUV and between us and the coast was a big mountain Table Mountain and all of a sudden a Tsunami struck 4 to 5 times as well.

Now, with each of the Tsunamis striking I dreamt that I protected my ex-girlfriend, holding her between me and the SUV.

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Each time we survived. There was a break between each Tsunami where we relaxed and we were glad we survived it. However with the last Tsunami, I wasn't able to protect my ex-girlfriend as I did with the 4 Tsunami's already past. I Had her by the hand, and she just wanted to let go and experience the Tsunami on her own, but I still held on to her hand. Her personal character is that's she's a feminist, a free 'spirit' kind of girl who want's to experience everything, constantly want to try new things constantly, get's bored very quickly with her surroundings and people.

This the reason I broke up with her, because she was to extreme and unpredictable.

She wanted to try very hard to get Me back a second time after she self admittedly hurt me the first time and I gave it a chance, but it was not long after she turned things around to be only about her again as soon as I 'committed' for a second time. We know we love each other and still can't let go with each other, especially her of me. I'm trying to keep my distance and don't message her at all in order to get over her, but obviously I'm still failing in writing this.

I only reply out of politeness when she messages me, because I know she's a lost soul and she needs help because she has dark history. I can still write allot, but the point which I want to make is this dream I had, I can very much relate as a quick story on explaining Me and my ex-girlfriend's relationship and the continuous uncertainties I experience, playing out in my over thinking mind.

I was pretty much wide aware of what is going on in my dream and was able to direct it. What I am pondering is, what this dream semi-nightmare actually meant in totality rather than what I think it meant?

Awake within a dream: Lucid dreamers show greater insight in waking life

It was very odd, and haven't experienced any such dreams of which I can consciously re-call. Dear Anonymous, I read your story and to me it sounds like your dream has a subconscious answer in it. In your dream when the tsunami hits the 4th time and you keep holding on and your girlfriend is the one who wants to let go, you are sub consciously recognizing that it is her behavior that you cannot control yet your desire or wish to hold on is clear and nothing to feel badly about.

You care or cared for her and want to keep her safe. It is her own choices and actions that suggest that she is not strong enough to hold back on to you.

False Awakening and Lucid Dreaming May Disturb REM Sleep

Once she's let go and she experiences what she must, that's when she decides you are where she belongs, yet by this time you are merely going through the motions of a good person having been rejected and wanting to show care and not being able to make sense of why she let go in the first place if she just winds up coming back to you. I am just speculating here since I can only dispense ideas from what you wrote in addition to my own personal views and experience. I am curious if any of this will resonate with you and wish you well.

Thank you very much for Your response.

What are its applications?

This does resonate with Me. I think you've explained it in context and deems very much true. I can associate myself on how You see it and I've seen it similarly over the past year and a half this has been going on. I am indeed a deep caring person and to give you an idea of my ex-girlfriend as to how one of her life long school mates described her to me in order to understand better is that she gets bored very easily and her contentment of what she has never lasts.

Even her own father said that she is very unappreciative, but I guess that's how they raised her. This said, already gave me a better understanding for how things are, but my problem and demon seems to be acceptance, because as You said I still love her and care for her but I'm not the person who will stand for the treatment I get when she 'runs' away and only be good for her when she decides so. I'll just share a personal experience regarding lucid dreaming. I realized I was dreaming since everything around me was very unfamiliar then came a situation where a dog in front of me is going to attack.

Knowing that it's only a dream, I have planned on waking before the dog gets near me. So I woke up. I was about 6 or 7 when I realized I was dreaming. I was in my bedroom and my toys began to dance around in mid-air, on table tops and making noise. I told them to, STOP!

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Once I awoke in the morning, I remembered the dream and what I was able to do. The 'magic' of that dream was powerful. Unfortunately, I've never been able to control my dreams since Its hard to connect with impressions of lucid dreaming or conscious dreaming if the writer has no experience and even less so if the experience is limited to a few random events.

I am a lifetime lucid dreamer and have over of these dreams with a wide range of experiences If you have specific questions on the lucid dreaming please contact me and I would be pleased to help. I have some questions about lucid dreaming.

Is Conscious Dreaming Real? | Psychology Today

Kinda of scary, email me if you can help shughes at gmail dot com. Thank you. For me, there are some common flags that can give an indication that I am dreaming, such as being late for a flight for a business trip and having difficulty packing and getting to the airport or struggling with something simple like dialing a number on my phone. When I struggle with things that are normally no big deal example, I am always super early to flights and have never had any issues it some times raises enough of a red flag that I can then do a test to determine if I am dreaming or not.

I've read some different methods as I've been curious to find out if others have similar experiences, but to me the easiest method is to check the time. If you are dreaming, the time will never read the same twice and some times won't even make sense like the clock reading Although I only become aware once in a while, it certainly does happen and the hardest thing for me once I am aware is to limit my excitement below levels where I do not wake up.

There are methods out there to try to keep you engaged, but satisfaction of realizing you are on a dream and relative freedom is some times too much to keep cool about unfortunately- unless the realization comes during a bad dream where it can be a major relief. I consider my self a skeptic at heart, and this seem so awesomely nice, that i think i should be extra skeptic. I rarely remember my dreams but i asume i dream even if i dont recall it its like two time a year i will remember what i dreamt, and it is quikly forgotten again.

Witch makes this seam even more impossible. Im currently haveing troubles finding compelling evidence for this phenomenon, the ones i find rely to much on testimonies from the subjects, witch is to unrelyable. I see how it would be hard to prove to be true, if you cant see what people are dreaming, or "import" a dream into the subjects whom then had to change the outcome during Lucid Dreaming somehow. I dont know. The first time i heard of this was when my friend told me he could do this, needless to say i wasent convinced, but now i see alot of people have similar experiences.

But then how does it work?

I have no idea. Anyone know some compellige evidence i could take a look at?